This step-by-step course helps you clean up
electromagnetic pollution ("EMFs") and make
your home a healthier place to live in —
without breaking the bank!
The problem: You're still exposed to a Class 2B carcinogen, day in, day out. In your home.
Avoiding toxins that have been linked to cancer just makes sense.

You do your best to avoid toxins in your food and eat organic. You focus on more natural cosmetics. You might even filter your tap water to avoid the toxic lead disaster that happened in Flint, Michigan... ¹

But when it comes to electro-pollution, or "EMFs", you're a bit lost...

This invisible, odorless, potentially-carcinogenic (Class 2B) type of pollution² is probably everywhere in your home. Where to even start?

There are cell phones, tablets, computers, wifi routers, Bluetooth devices and sensors, "smart" utility meters, high voltage power lines, cell towers... and now 5G (fifth generation) satellites launched by eccentric billionaires. Are you kidding me?

The more you scour the Internet for EMF solutions, the more confused you get:

EMF meters, dirty electricity filters, pendants, 'chips' you stick on your phone, cases, cables, EMF-blocking paint, special clothing, pyramids and other new-age-looking gizmos... which one of these actually work?

Even after spending hours "doing your own research", you're a bit more frustrated, definitely more anxious, and probably a lot poorer...

The worst part? You're still stuck with a home electro-polluted with a Class 2B carcinogen.
You're at a crossroads...
This never ending cycle of EMF confusion has to end. But how? Choose your path wisely:
Put your head in the sand and "magically" make the problem go away. But since you know prevention is the best medicine... this simply is not an option worth considering.
Keep doing your own research, and maybe try a few "EMF-blocking" gizmos you keep hearing about. Cross your fingers, look at the sky and hope that you're protected.
STOP doing your own research and spinning your wheels. Seek world-class experts who can teach you exactly how to clean up your home from EMFs, without having to spend thousands of dollars.
What if you could STOP the confusion, and learn exactly how to minimize the electro-pollution inside your home, and without breaking the bank?
My name is Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault, and I’m an advocate for safe technologies and author of one of the best-rated EMF books worldwide — The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.

In the last several years, I’ve helped thousands of health-conscious people minimize their EMF exposure. I know for a fact what it’s like to feel overwhelmed about where to start, struggle getting your family members on board or being left with more questions than answers.

That’s why I’ve decided to team up with Brian Hoyer from Shielded Healing, one of the world’s most respected EMF mitigation specialists, in order to create the ultimate solution to your EMF problems:

An online course that would teach you how to simply minimize your EMF exposure, step-by-step — all while respecting your budget...
Nick on stage, educating top doctors about EMFs
Brian being interviewed
by Dr. Mercola
Step-By-Step EMF Protection Online Course
Our Bold Promise:
After going through the Electro-Pollution Fix course, you will know exactly how to dramatically reduce EMF exposure for you and your family — no matter if you’re an owner or a renter, no matter your budget, and no matter your circumstances. You’ll be empowered with a clear path to the best and most affordable EMF Protection interventions and tools that work for YOU.

Knowing about EMFs is good, but doing something about it is something else entirely. This course will contain a bit of theory, that’s needed, but will mostly focus on helping you take action in 3 simple steps:

STEP #1: Determine what are the worst sources of EMFs in your life, in your home and environments.
STEP #2: Minimize your exposure by eliminating or mitigating these sources as much as you can, by spending your money wisely on EMF protections solution that actually work.
STEP #3: Develop a clear plan for future improvements that will help you reap the maximum benefits of a reduced-EMF lifestyle.
Here’s what participants of
Electro-Pollution Fix will learn:
Module 1: Introduction & EMF Basics
The science behind EMF dangers
The difference between radiofrequency radiation, EMFs, magnetic fields, dirty electricity, and all those confusing terms
The difference between natural EMFs and "electro-pollution"
How much has electro-pollution increased in the last 100 years?
Module 2: Minimizing Artificial Light
How excessive blue light impacts your sleep quality and overall health
What are the healthiest light bulbs?
How light flicker impacts your brain and how to minimize it
How to reduce how much blue light your phone and computer emit
What blue-blocking glasses should you use?
Module 3: Combatting Wireless Stress
How to tame (or replace) your wifi router
What's the healthiest way to use your cellphone? (cellular network or wifi?)
What about Bluetooth wearables?
How to mitigate your "smart" utility meter
How to detect and mitigate the hidden sources of wireless radiation inside your home
Module 4: Electric Fields & Dirty Electricity
The difference between electric fields and dirty electricity
How dirty electricity impacts your stress levels
How to minimize your electric field exposure in the bed and at work
Should you use grounding/earthing sheets or similar products?
The right way to use dirty electricity plug-in filters
Module 5: Avoiding Magnetic Fields
The top sources of magnetic fields lurking in your bedroom
How magnetic fields can increase your cancer risks
The difference between "localized" and "widespread" sources of magnetic fields
Should you worry about your microwave, blender and other kitchen appliances?
Module 6: 5G, Cell Towers & Outside Electro-Pollution
What you can actually do to shield yourself against cell towers (including 5G)
What about the thousands of satellites launched by Elon Musk and other billionaires?
Should you worry about high voltage power lines?
How to minimize your EMF exposure while travelling in electro-polluted environments
Prefer to watch offline?
All videos and course materials are fully downloadable to accommodate those who want to minimize their EMF exposure.
Also included with Electro-Pollution Fix:
These checklists are packed with solutions you can use to mitigate specific sources of electro-pollution, including exactly what EMF protection products are worth the investment. This bonus alone will help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on bogus solutions!
No more guesswork and frustration. Nick & Brian will show you exactly how things work, where to plug this or that cable, and how to actually use the most common EMF protection solutions out there—without the usual implementation headache.
If you are struggling trying to get your skeptical spouse or family members on board with these safer changes, this bonus is for you. Nick & Brian will reveal their top strategies to get them fully on board rather than trying to fight an uphill battle and add more stress to your plate.
If your EMF meter is gathering dust in a drawer or if you're thinking about investing in your first meter, this video tutorial will be a savior. Brian and Nick will show you exactly how to use an EMF meter to detect sources of electro-pollution, in and out of your home.
The latest science shows that up to 33% of all adults already suffer from mild to moderate symptoms of EMF sensitivity (microwave sickness), which include headaches, fatigue, insomnia, depression and heart arrhythmia. In this bonus interview, Dr. Ben Lynch dives deep into how you can reduce your degree of sensitivity and move towards greater wellness.
Electro-Pollution Fix
EMF Protection Course
6 educational modules with EMF experts Brian Hoyer and Nick Pineault
Easy, step-by-step EMF action checklists
Easy video tutorials and demonstrations
3X Bonus Videos: How to use an EMF meter, Reducing EMF sensitivity and How to get your family on board
All prices in $USD
What Actual Members of Electro-Pollution Fix Said About The Course:

  • "I really enjoyed the Electro-Pollution Fix course. It provided invaluable information about many things I was definitely unaware of.

    I've taken slow steps to get to this point as my husband is a skeptic, but we are getting there one step at a time. I've made many changes in my bedroom (on my side of the bed) including turning off my phone or using airplane mode, only charging it with an external USB battery, moving my alarm clock further away, and turning off the outlet next to my bed.

    With these changes, I have had significant changes to my sleep, experiencing a much deeper sleep, and I don't wake up feeling tired and groggy anymore. I can't even remember the last time I've slept so well. This alone was worth taking the class.

    I am grateful I found this class, and would recommend it to anyone who might be considering it. Don't hesitate, just sign up!"

    — Stephanie S., Lawrenceville, USA

  • "I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this course, but I have to say it was so worth it!

    Since I moved into my new home, I've had a real hard time sleeping. It has gotten so bad that I had to go back to my old house or forests to have a decent sleep. I knew something specific to this house was greatly affecting my sleep and I soon found out that the high EMF levels in the house were the culprit!

    This course taught me how to improve my sleep environment and create a sleep sanctuary. After two years of being sleep deprived, I am finally sleeping in my own house! Now I know what to look for to avoid making the same mistakes if we ever move. Everything Brian and Nick taught us during this course was very relevant to our daily life and they are easily applicable.

    If you are new to EMFs and EMF mitigation, this course is for you!"

    — Mio C., Honolulu, USA

  • "I found the course to be a great primer and in-depth introduction to the whole field of electrical pollution and the possible impacts of 5G. My household is on board with the health impacts of this topic and the first step we took was to buy a shielding cover for our Wifi router. The next step is to buy a device to measure the EMF waves and dirty electricity.

    I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to dip their toes into this topic!"

    — Jack N., Toronto, Canada

  • "Thank you both for making the course a tangible way to approach EMFs. I truly appreciated that you both have a logical and practical way of dispelling myths of a one size fits all solution and the idea 'if I just get this one thing than I can...' and I was hoping for that!

    Instead I will walk away with perspective, which will serve me and my family better in the long run."

    — Madison M. Glendale, USA

  • "I loved this course and learning more about how I can better protect my family from this invisible "pollution" that is surrounding us.

    The quick fixes offered in the course allowed me to feel like I was already making an impact on my families health without investing a ton of money. I'm grateful for this knowledge."

    — Mandi V., Littleton, USA

Meet Your Teachers
Brian might be recognized by top health authorities, like Dr. Mercola, as one of the most cutting-edge EMF mitigation specialists in North America, but he’s also a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a deep understanding of holistic health.

Brian and his team have helped the top functional medicine doctors and health influencers in America shield their homes and clinics, including Dr. Ben Lynch, Dr. Klinghardt, Ben Greenfield, Luke Storey and many more.
Nick is the author of one of the best-rated EMF book worldwide — The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs — and is a sought-after voice on safe technologies who was featured on more than 100 online and offline media outlets in the last 3 years alone.

Nick’s efforts to spread EMF awareness through a common sense and even humorous approach has received accolades from top functional medicine doctors, engineers, and top EMF scientists like Professor Olle Johansson from Sweden.
What Makes The Electro-Pollution Fix Course Different From Every Other "EMF Protection" Solution Out There?
Whether you’ve known about EMFs for a while or are just starting out, you might be wondering if this course will be worth the investment. Here’s what makes it different from EMF books, videos or other forms of education out there:
Focused not on theory, but on taking action & helping you implement real changes in your life and dramatically reduce your exposure
Created by two credible and acclaimed EMF experts, and based on the latest science
Includes strategies on how to get your family on board, based on Brian’s experience of working with hundreds of families throughout America to reduce their exposure
Easy checklists that you can come back to later — you’ll never have to Google around to know what the best EMF Protection solutions are
Helps invest your money wisely when it comes to EMF-blocking products, which will save you hundreds of dollars (or more) that you might have wasted on bogus/useless solutions
No fear mongering; instead, a positive approach supported by science which will make you feel empowered, educated and excited to move towards greater health and wellbeing
Simply put, this course is all-encompassing, step-by-step, and removes the need for tedious research or guesswork. It’ll help you start making these important EMF-reduction changes today, tomorrow and in the future — without breaking the bank or losing your mind over it.
30-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee
If this course is not what you expected, for any reason whatsoever, simply write to within 90 days of your purchase and we’ll refund every single penny. No hard feelings, no hassle.
Giving Back
By investing in this course, you’re helping make a difference. 5% of all profits generated will be donated to nonprofit organizations fighting for safer regulations, safer technologies, or the rights of electro sensitivity sufferers.
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m a health professional… is this course for me? 
Yes, definitely. Electro-Pollution Fix is not a professional-level course which dives deep into theory, but a very practical course which will help you implement these changes in your own home.

If you want to lead by example for your patients or clients, minimizing your own EMF exposure is the perfect way to start.

This is also the perfect course that all patients and clients should take to minimize the stress associated with exposures to electro-pollution.

I’m an electro hypersensitivity sufferer… is this course for me?
It depends. If you already have done a lot of EMF mitigation and are looking for extremely advanced solutions, then your best bet might be to have Brian or one of his team members survey your home to help you reduce your EMF exposure (and hopefully your EMF-related symptoms) even further.

That being said, it is our common experience that a lot of people who suffer from EMF-related symptoms still use sources of wireless radiation and don’t fully understand which sources might impact them the most. If you’re still confused about where to start and what are your priorities to minimize your EMF exposure, then this course could be exactly what you need.

We are not medical doctors, so in all cases, we recommend consulting a doctor from the Environmental Health Center in Dallas to learn the ways you can improve your health which in a lot of cases could start reversing your sensitivity.

Finally, we have released a brand new bonus interview with Dr. Ben Lynch which specifically addresses the topic of how to minimize EMF sensitivity using nutrition and supplementation.

Do I need an EMF meter? Will this course teach me how to use an EMF meter? 
Considering that our goal is to make this course as simple and affordable as possible, owning or buying an EMF meter is not required to reap the full benefits from what you’ll learn inside Electro-Pollution Fix.

That being said, EMF meters are extremely useful tools when used properly. In each module, we will address what you can do with a meter, and what you can easily do without a meter. These separate recommendations and detailed instructions will also be added to the documentation that you’ll receive with each module.

Is this an online course? Is this a live course, or is it pre-recorded?  
Electro-Pollution Fix is a 6-module course that is given 100% online via the Teachable platform. Detailed instructions on how to join the Teachable platform will be given to you upon registration.

The course is now 100% pre-recorded (NOT LIVE), which means that you can go through the modules at your own pace.

Can this course be watched offline?
Yes, definitely. If you prefer not to watch the course online, you can choose to download each of the videos and watch offline, at your own pace.

We are bathed in EMFs 24/7 from wifi routers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, satellites, and 3G, 4G & 5G cell towers… will your course help me reduce exposure from these sources?   
Electro-Pollution Fix is a course that will mostly help you mitigate sources inside your home and other indoor environments. No matter how bad the electro-pollution is getting outside your home, minimizing EMFs inside is still extremely important, and in some situations is in fact worse than what’s coming from outside cell towers.

Moreover, creating a cleaner EMF environment inside your home will help you become more resilient to the mostly unavoidable exposures you’ll get outside, if you live within society.

In Module 6, Brian will dive deep into what you can actually do to mitigate these outside sources of EMFs — including cell towers, wireless radiation from neighbors and many more — and what your top priorities should be.

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