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Statement on "EMF-Harmonizing" Chips, Pendants & Other Gizmos
We currently do not recommend or endorse EMF-harmonizing chips (phone stickers), pendants or other similar gizmos as part of the Electro-Pollution Fix course.

We have also decided that posts related to these products inside the members-only Facebook group are not allowed, and will be deleted.

We both are against censorship in general (considering the massive amount of censorship we're seeing towards the entire topic of EMFs/5G!), and this is not an attempt to completely ignore that these harmonizing solutions might bring benefits.

But at the moment, these tools constitute a distraction and a source of confusion that we consider might cause more harm than good for our students.

Here are the reasons behind this decision:

1. Confusion

Hundreds of different products claiming to "harmonize" EMFs emitted by cell phones, wifi and bluetooth devices are available online, and a lot of our students are spending a lot of time and energy trying to figure out which are worth it.

This is an important source of confusion which might interfere with their education.

2. Impossible to compare

Since these devices do not directly reduce the measurable amount of EMFs emitted by a source (ex: wifi router), it's impossible to compare one device to another, or to even tell if some of these devices are complete scams.

3. Claims of EMF protection unsubstantiated

Many of these "harmonizing" devices promise to "protect 100% against 5G" or make similarly outrageous claims.

Some manufacturers offer proof that their devices can help alleviate EMF-related symptoms or EMF-related stress, but these claims of complete protection are rooted in marketing, not sound science.

Therefore, these devices give users a dangerous and false sense of security.

At best, we can say that some of these products can offer partial protect against the symptoms associated with exposure to electro-pollution.

4. Limited budget of our students

We surveyed well over a thousand people who want to reduce EMFs in their life, and the #1 reason most of them struggled to take action is because they didn't have enough money to invest in EMF-related solutions. Lack of time was also an important issue.

For these reasons, we prefer to have our students invest in EMF solutions that have been scientifically proven to work, such as better light bulbs, EMF meters, electrical work, kill switches, dirty electricity filters, shielding materials or a home EMF assessment, just to give a few examples.

EMF reduction can get costly very fast, which is why our goal with Electro-Pollution Fix is to help our students invest their money where it really counts.

  • The science around EMF-harmonizing devices is unclear, and unlike what some manufacturers claim, they very likely do not offer 100% protection from electro-pollution
  • We do not think you should spend your time and money on these solutions. There are countless other EMF-reducing solutions you should invest in first -- all of which will be explained in detail in this course.
  • If you already use one of these devices and feel better, feel free to continue using it! We do not think it can cause harm, except in situations where it gives you a false sense of security.

Your teachers,

Nick & Brian
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