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Electro-Pollution Fix: The #1 EMF Protection Course Your Tribe NEEDS to Hear About...
Electro-Pollution Fix is a step-by-step EMF protection course which helps health-conscious individuals and their family dramatically minimize their exposure without breaking the bank.

This course is a co-creation of Nick "The EMF Guy" Pineault and Brian Hoyer from Shielded Healing -- two leading authorities in spreading EMF awareness through online media.

After launching two "Beta" versions with great success in 2020, we have recently launched (May 2021) this final, complete, pre-recorded course with the goal of helping more than 100,000 families minimize electro-pollution at home.

Commissions are paid monthly, around the 15th of the month, for what was earned the previous month. There is a minimum threshold of $100.

* Core Offer *
Electro-Pollution Fix EMF Course
One-Time Purchase
50% Commission
* Upsell #1 *
Cemprotec 34 EMF Meter (free shipping)
One-Time Purchase
$10 Commission
* Upsell #2*
Electrosmog Rx Advanced EMF Course
One-Time Purchase
50% Commission
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EMF Quiz
Perfect for audiences not familiar with EMFs/Electro-Pollution
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Educational 5G Webinar
For audiences alreadyeager to learn more about "5G" networks
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Direct to Sales Page
For audiences already very aware of the problem with EMFs and who actively seek solutions to fix it
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